1960 election day comics


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  1. Christopher says:

    I look at that character and can only imagine him singing,

    “I could while away the elections,
    Makin’ my selections,
    If I only had a brain…”

  2. big ryan says:

    yeah im trying to figure out what the bag head is supposed to mean, a scarecrow is the easy assumption but i have a feeling its some kind of more obscure reference to something that i don’t know about

  3. acerplatanoides says:

     The second comic (the red one) is even more surreal with it’s talk of unemployment benefits and the president acting to ensure the right to vote is not infringed.

    • Boundegar says:

      And what was that part about “fair labor policies?”  No wonder that one is printed in red, comrade!

      • nowimnothing says:

        The orange one goes even further, good roads, good hospitals, nice playgrounds, clean cities. 
        Maybe that golden age of capitalism was just a bit more socialist than they have led us to believe. /snark

  4. blueelm says:

    Wow. People in the 50′s and 60′s were polluted with socialism. They even supported women’s votes! OMG! The GOP has it’s work cut out. Getting things back to 1852 is going to be so hard with all this pinko propaganda.

  5. tomrigid says:

    Man with white hood and noose tells me to vote.

    Thurgood Marshall, Rosa Parks, Dr King and the rest…thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you.

  6. niktemadur says:

    …or the dumb blonde in the office

    Damn.  Then all the guys went for a mid-town three martini lunch.

  7. Nash Rambler says:

    I laughed about “a politician – honest or crooked!”  Then I tried to make some argument about shades of grey, but realized I couldn’t.  Politicians really do only come in those two flavors, don’t they.

  8. nyrge says:

    Yet another “Bob” cameo, secretly tipping us off to the Truth.

  9. Ito Kagehisa says:

    “While all you stay-at-homes sat comfortably, your future was being decided by a handful of people who program voting machines!”

  10. chellberty says:

    made the second one just one step Politically Correct.

  11. Yeah, just a little creepy.

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