All of Roy's t-shirts from The IT Crowd

Melody sez, "We collected as many of Roy's t-shirts as possible and made a graphic. We also found where the shirts could be purchased and included an exhaustive list with links."

Roy's T-Shirts from the IT Crowd


  1. Trivia: the scrambled PacMan (S1E4) is probably a reference to level 256 on PacMan – if you reached it, the machine came up in a really screwed up screen.

  2. “Don’t Even Think About Tagging Me” is available from my friends at Balcony Shirtys (UK) :

    1.  If you find one we missed please send us a note or comment on the page with a link so we can add it. We did our best but I did just notice a pig shirt he wore – but I’m not sure what episode. Thanks!

      1. I do remember that he was “hiding” an old CRT monitor under his shirt and riding on a bus.

        Found it: Season one, Episode four, starting at 2:05.

  3. The lightening bolt reminds me of the one worn by the main character in Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics.” It’s also similar to the one worn by the Flash (No white circle behind it, though).

  4. Just a point of information:  RTFM is pretty old. I have an RTFM button I bought at a SHARE convention at least 15 years ago (and probably 20 or so).   SHARE (“it’s not an acronym, it’s what we do”)  is the original open-source group, sharing source code, tips, and techniques for IBM systems when IBM was practically the only game in town (i.e., pre-PC)

    Link to SHARE site

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