Duriavenator: Thunder lizard or cleaning appliance?

Duriavenator is a dinosaur — a kind of T.Rex-ish, pointy toothed dinosaur that lived in what is now England. But I think it sounds like the name of a 1950s vacuum cleaner company, don't you?


  1. Haha… I agree. But in my mind they make small hand-held ones for cleaning the duvet. It’s probably not what they were going for when they chose the name, which in Latin probably means something scientific, prehistoric and terrifying. 

  2. I would have gone with a Ron Popeil – Ronco device for opening, slicing and deodorizing one of these.

    1. I’m certainly not a Durianvenerator – deoderizing is not really enough. I do, however, have an Avunculator, which is a device used for greeting uncles.

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