Firefox cosplay

Firefox cosplay by EnjiNight. See full-res at her Deviant Art site.


    1. There’s a fine line between a cute/sexy costume and a disturbing costume for sexual purposes.  In my opinion, that point comes when it stops being about the person and is now about the costume itself.

  1. I can’t wait till next year to see what other insane things people can make a “sexy” costume out of.  Sexy windshield wiper?  Sexy spatula?  Sexy geode?  All possible if this year is any indication. 

  2. I’m sure somebody at Mozilla has these photos in their cubicle.
    She makes a cute Firefox, and it’s not often we see corporate logo pinups anymore. I like it.

  3. She was fun at first, but then she started to open tabs all over the place & she needs so much updating I’m thinking of dumping her.

    1. Unlike some of the others, this one knows not to kiss and tell.  The first thing they do is run and tell all their friends what you’re into.

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