It's Verting Derh!!!

('shooped from a Shutterstock image.)


  1. Is the dog saying “Armageddon averted?”

    How can the dog possibly know that until all the verts are counted?

    1. I, for one, get all my feelings of importance by sharing vaguely unpalatable sentiments online.


    “AH VERTERD”, with that second R, sounds more ermahgerded to me.  In fact, it sounds ermahgerdest.

      1. The language is based on speaking with braces, so I think that may make rhotic impossible.

      2. Had to look up “rhotic”, was surprised to find out that my inability to pronounce the hard “r” in Spanish (my first language) has a name (rotacismo).  Long ago I adapted my mechanics to keep it very subtle, with some people it’s really pronounced and subject to jokes in the ermahgerd style.

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