Max Landis lands his first directing gig with Me Him Her

Max Landis, who wrote the screenplay for Chronicle, will get his chance to direct with the quarter life-crisis comedy, Me Him Her. Landis, who is the son of director John Landis (Animal House, Blues Brothers) and is also a very fun person to follow on Twitter, describes the new movie as "totally insane" and that "the devil is in it"; Variety adds that it's like "Reality Bites on acid." So, wacky, satanic, and quotable good times that will look dated in 20 years? Cool! I am so there! (via Splitsider)


  1. How can you mention Max Landis and leave out this amazing deconstruction of the Death and Return of Superman. Not only is it riveting and rewarding, it has a variety of unexpected cameos sprinkled all through it.

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