MediaGoblin: a free-as-in-freedom replacement for Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud and now, Thingiverse

Christopher sez, "MediaGoblin, a decentralized free and open source software media publishing system for audio, video, images and more, has landed a new media type: 3D! This expands MediaGoblin's role beyond being not just a free as in freedom replacement for Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc but now also a run-your-own Thingiverse. Development was sponsored by open hardware company Lulzbot, which gave away a 3D printer to the woman who added the feature. MediaGoblin is also currently running a crowdfunding campaign with the Free Software Foundation."


  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been looking for self-hosted, F/OSS multimedia publishing software other than Coppermine/Gallery and qdig. I’ll give it a try!

  2. I chipped in to their funding drive. I think a wordpress style tool we can use to host our own videos and media is critical, and a github type alternative to Thingiverse is badly needed since makerbot gradually went all creepy after bagging 10million in open backing from the good will of the community.

  3. Pretty cool, looks like it’s missing one structural piece of functionality though – in the preview there’s a separate page for each STL, but to replace something like thingiverse, so to enable assemblies of many parts to be associated on one page, another type of page is needed to list associated parts with some description of how they work together.

  4. Hi Andrew! Thanks so much for your feedback! We love when folks tell us how we could improve.

  5. Heya Andrew,

     There definitely could be improvements.  We also have some collection functionality, which might help with that in a smaller sense.. you can read about that here:

    However I’m not sure that fits the bill exactly of what you need.  If you’re interested, it would be good to file a more complete issue on

    We’ll probably be enhancing what you can do with media types soon.  Getting good use cases will help us figure out what we’re going to do regarding that architecture!

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