Solar chargers for Sandy aftermath -- donations and deep discounts


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  1. zeppo says:

    Same thing with Goal Zero:

    I’ve met some of the GZ guys before; really great company. They were giving out chargers and panels right after the storm cleared out.

  2. Nick Gaspar says:

    OT: there was an article on this site a few months ago about Philip K. Dick. In it the author of the article shared a cartoon/short comic that was about PKD leaving a theater after seeing Bladerunner. It was really amazing and artistic. Im trying to find it but cant seem to. Does anyone know where i can get it or can post a link to it?

  3. SamSam says:

    We should support companies doing good things. I’m looking at the Voltaic Systems solar kits now. Does anyone have any experience with them? I’m thinking of the 6V 3.4W basic kit for $35 for changing my phone.

  4. Brian Rants says:

    I work for @Nokero, and know we are open to any ideas to get chargers available at a discount to those still out of power. Contact us on site or at 303.991.9871.

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