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10 Responses to “Vintage video of Peter Weller on the set of 1987's RoboCop

  1. Boundegar says:

    Every time I see his name, I think it’s about Paul Weller.  Every single time.

  2. bazzargh says:

    What is this drumming all the way through the clip….aaagh. Does the director say “I’d like it to sound like you’ve forgotten to turn off your ipod as you try to listen to what people are saying”

  3. dawdler says:

    1987 is vintage?   Sigh.  I’m old.

  4. nvlady says:

    I JUST re-watched this last week! Love this movie. Its interesting to hear Weller talk about a fairy tale aspect of the movie. I never thought that. I bet he was a sport to work with.