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9 Responses to “Afghan Whigs: "Miles Iz Ded" (1992)”

  1. niktemadur says:

    Of the bands that rose to fame in and around the “Teen Spirit” era, the Whigs were among the most interesting.
    Screaming Trees are another.  And those early Mudhoney records still sound delightfully weird.

  2. Bart says:

    Was always a big Whigs fan back in the day, and have continued to follow Dulli through his multiple bands through the years. I had the chance to see them in Boston on this last tour, and despite everyone being a little bit wider and moving a little bit slower around the stage, they put on almost as good a show as Ive seen from them through the years.  
    If you have a chance to see a show before the tour ends, this is a really good one to see.

  3. CSBD says:

    Wow… I must have heard them two nights a week for years at City Club (Detroit) all through the 1990s but never saw the video before.  Interesting to say the least.  I wonder how many other videos out there I missed that are now available on youtube.

  4. i_prefer_yeti says:

    I’m am stoked … STOKED … for tonight’s gig. 


  5. This has always been one of my favorite tracks of theirs.  Thanks!

  6.  There’s one I haven’t heard in many years.

    So the tour’s wrapping up? I must have missed them. Still, I’ve got tickets to Jonathan Coulton and Rush on consecutive nights. Fitzgeralds is kind of a small venue for Coulton. Great view of Sixth Ward and Downtown from the north bank of White Oak Bayou though.

  7. cdh1971 says:

    Oh wow, I wish I could catch this…

    Miles dying was the same as Obi-Wan Kenobi dying.