Bill Murray as all the Wes Anderson characters

Artist Casey Weldon has cast Wes Anderson favorite Bill Murray as almost every character in Wes Anderson's movies. No, really, this is just as great as you're thinking it is. More images after the jump.

These Murrays are part of Weldon's second installment for Spoke Art's tribute to Anderson's films. His first was in 2010 and can be viewed here. But here are the most recent Murrays, putting the celebrated actor in the shoes (and clothes, and hair) of characters from The Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Darjeeling Limited, and this year's Moonrise Kingdom, including Sam Murray, pictured above.

Suzy Murray

Fox Murray

Rita Murray

To view the whole collection, visit Weldon's blog or Spoke Art's Bad Dads gallery.

Images used with permission from Casey Weldon

Found via Laughing Squid


  1. I loved Bill Murray as Max Fischer from Rushmore. Hell, I love that movie in it’s entirety. Totally captures the Inner Loop limo liberal culture of Houston. The movie was originally planned to be set in the Northeast for broader appeal because audiences might not accept that any part of Texas was really like that.

    Thankfully, Anderson decided to go ahead and shoot in Houston, mostly because his old private high school was very happy to let him film there.

    And Max was originally supposed to be a tall blond guy, as they wanted someone like co-screenwriter Owen Wilson for the role, but when Schwartzmann did so well at the audition, they rewrote the character as a short Jewish guy. That was perfect as it made Max more of an outsider.

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