Most Gangsta Lunchables Commercial ever

YouTuber Mike Dahlquist (@Mikediva) "discovered" this "banned" mid-90s video ad for Lunchables. (via Sean Bonner)


  1. Yeah no he didn’t discover anything.  This is a video produced by Mike Diva over a year ago.  Original video here:

      1. Then why didn’t he link to the original instead of some dude trying to leach youtube hits?  It would have taken 15 seconds… it’s the top hit for “lunchables commercial” on youtube.

        1. cause youtube hits are as important as… and BB takes submissions, acknowledging the submitter., and there are big prominent credits in the video, thus the credit is had.

  2. That video is exactly the laugh I needed this morning.  I’ve got to download the song to it… “wash it down with Capri Sun after…”  Pure, epic, genius.

    Also, the fact that they’re touting “whole grain” should be a dead giveaway that it’s not actually a 90s-era commercial. “Whole grain” didn’t become a selling point until the mid 2000s. For that fact, WTF is “whole grain” anyway? I know what they’re trying to say, but the biologist/pedant in me always wants to know which specific grains they’re talking about. Whole grain corn != whole grain wheat != whole grain oats.

  3. Word. To. Mah. Homies.

      @chloramphenicol- I’m pretty sure the whole ‘whole’ vs. ‘x’ debate originates in the use of processed bleached and enriched flours like in, say,  wonderbread as opposed to a less manipulated point of origin. Whether there exists documentation to back this is far below my threshold of concentration.  xxoo

      1. Whole grain means that it includes the whole grain – germ, endosperm and bran.  That seems pretty complete and definable.

  4. I had to google “lunchable” to discover that a dry biscuit, some unidentifiable meat product, and “cheese” is Kraft’s idea of a healthy lunch. After sorting that out, the video was hilarious. And to be honest, the exhortation to grind down the crackers and smoke them is as good as any nutritional advice you’ll get from Kraft. 

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