Insulin cupcake

Boing Boing reader Ken Faeger of Whitewater, Wisconsin shares this photo in the BB Flickr pool and says, "Kaela finally made me a cupcake I can actually eat."


      1. Oh, totally safe, it will break down in your digestive tract (hmmm, well, most of it, I wonder if you could absorb enough to cause problems first, but it’s a protein  so kinda big, you might be fine). If not, you would not need to inject it.

        And I think your odds are good with the glass, but you first.


    1. Thanks to the Obamacare provisions for preexisting conditions, in my case the Diabeetus, I was able to get insurance coverage to offset the cost of this delicious cupcake my wife made.

    2. How much does a bottle like that cost in the US, anyway?
      (My BF is diabetic, but I’ve never seen a unit cost for a bottle of humalog – another reason to be glad we live in Norway, I guess.)

      1. A bottle of insulin without insurance coverage can cost over $120, which I have had to pay on a few occasions. With my insurance it is now about $40 per bottle.

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