Make science your obedient servant (vintage ad, 1946)


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  1. GawainLavers says:

    You are not going to get me to click through to the Bendix “obedience” site.

  2. nixiebunny says:

    We all know why she’s posing next to that big piece of furniture, right?

  3. Brett Coulthard says:

    Who needs “creative” engineering when you can have “Frivolous” Engineering:

  4. Nash Rambler says:

    “Makes Science Your Obedient Servant.”  As any number of major Hollywood movies have proved, science is only obedient up to a vague point in the future, when it will learn to hate us and crave our destruction.

    You can almost see the rage in some of those buses and planes.

  5. You know, I always strike an elegant post when standing next to my huge radio.

  6. qckbrnfx says:

    Relatedly, Raymond Scott’s Manhattan Research includes a great spot for Bendix, “The Tomorrow People.”

  7. fredh says:

    “Science, you cheap whore.”

  8. beth cravens says:

    These old ads are gorgeous. The colors they used, the fonts, back when advertising was still glamorous. It is funny though how all the women are improbably posed, the children are maniacs and all the men well dressed.

  9. Chentzilla says:

    John Romero will make science your obedient servant.

  10. pjcamp says:

    Science is my bitch.

  11. kuanes says:

     My thoughts exactly.  Needs to be ‘shopped to say “MAKE SCIENCE YOUR BITCH.”

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