Manga plates turn your food into comics

Francesco sez, "In my blog on I posted a new series of wonderful 'manga inspired' plates created by the Japanese designer Mika Tsutai. Positioning the food in the right way Geek Chefs can tell a story or almost make the food more fun! Each plate costs 2980 Yen and for now is available only in Japanese design stores."

La cucina invasa dai manga!! (Thanks, Francesco!)


  1. suki.  But at about 40 bucks US per….kaimasen.

    (OK…yes, I want the crying eye for wasabi and various chilis…)

  2. Technically, manga plates turn your food into food on top of plates. *wink*

    Another triumph for commerical “art”, I suppose. Because someone, somewhere will buy them, and for great amounts of money, as proven by the likes of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. *shrug*

    Can’t say I dislike it? Just that I don’t understand it? I like certain decorative plates. These are technically decorative plates. I just don’t know why someone would want to decorate their plates in this manner?

    1. Sure, you don’t have to like it.

      I’m a manga geek from way back, so…it appeals to me.  But art-y plates are kind of funny.

      If I bought a $30 mail order plate of three wolves howling at the moon or ‘Native American warrior embraces the Great Spirit by the Grand Canyon’…would I want to eat my warmed over tikka masala on one?

      No, most likely not.  These are interesting partly for the conceit they can actually be used: and of course I imagine they can.

      But a mere four plates is a hundred sixty bucks…I’d hate to chip one in the sink.

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