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9 Responses to “Peter Serafinowicz has a new book out, containing one billion jokes”

  1. Can he be charged with false advertising if there is less than a billion jokes there?

    • Logolepsy says:

      Maybe he is referring to the second definition of “billion”, which is “a very large number“.

    • Glen Able says:

      Ahh, but it does say “Volume One”.  So, as long as he releases further volumes that bring the total up to one billion, he should be ok.

      Btw, 93 of the 97 amazon.co.uk reviews are 5 stars – this looks like it could be quite special.

  2. puppybeard says:

    It could contain some jokes about one billion.

    What’s the difference between one billion, and a rake?

  3. spacedoggy says:

    This dude did the voice for Darth Maul.


  4. Serafinowicz has also made some quite valuable public information  films:


  5. DevinC says:

    One billion is not that impressive, when there’s a book out there that contains every joke in the English language http://www.amazon.com/Oxford-English-Dictionary-Volume-Vols/dp/0198611862

    Some assembly, however, is required.  

  6. Angling Saxon says:

    The world needs more Peter Serafinowicz.