New Portlandia clip: Will Meditation Crush exceed your expectations?


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  1. LikesTurtles says:

    Got to admit I’ve been guilty of this… for about the first three minutes of class. Then it’s mostly “how am I going to get my leg up there without falling over and taking out several people in the process?”

  2. Christopher says:

    And the dream of the ’90′s lives on. 

  3. Quiche de Resistance says:

    I like to leer at the yoga butts from a bench as they leave the building.  I find it much more relaxing, plus I can smoke.

  4. Paul Renault says:

    If memory serves, there was an episode of ‘Malcom in the Middle’ where Reese decides to take up yoga.  At the end of the class – at which point he’s on his stomach, surrounded by all the girls in skimpy yoga attire – he can’t get up, see, ’cause…

  5. franko says:

    as someone who’s attended many multi-day yoga retreats, this is spot-on. when you’re spending many hours (or days) sitting in a room meditating with people you can’t speak to (because vipassana retreats typically adhere to a vow of silence), it’s so fascinating the things you will make up about the people around you to fill in the gaps. i’ve had crushes on teachers and other guys in the room just like this, and i’ve constructed elaborate stories about each person there — all of which ended up being COMPLETELY incorrect and just fantasy at the end when you actually get to talk to them. great stuff from portlandia — hilarious AND astute.

  6. This was funny, but Yoga Action Squad was funnier. Look it up. :)

  7. Aram Jahn says:

    Armisen just kills with his Ratso Rizzo here. I almost expected him to start yelling at the instructor, “Besides…dis…dis…swami stuff is fuh f*gs! Dats F*G stuff!”

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