Ten great anagrams of "Nathaniel Read Silver"


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  1. Prufrock451 says:

    The big narrative of Tuesday night was air leaving the hinterland

  2. GawainLavers says:

    “Vanilla Disheartener” is my favorite.

  3. SamSam says:

    “Handles Narrative Lie” makes a fair bit of sense. With math, Silver was able to handle the great narrative lie being perpetuated by the right wing.

  4. millie fink says:

    Awesome. And he really did Eat Venal Hardliners.

  5. Jorpho says:

    If we go for “Nathaniel Read Silver’s Blog”, we get Database Nerving Hill Loser.

  6. Stooge says:

    Dick Morris, on the other hand, needs no anagram.

  7. DevinC says:

    Between these suspiciously significant anagrams of his name, and his preternatural predictions http://isnatesilverawitch.com/ I am becoming convinced Nate Silver is actually a fictional character in a novel with 311 million spear carriers.

  8. Richard says:

    “Donald Trump’s Wig” = “Turd glows in damp”

    Still not as good as UK politicians: “Virginia Bottomley” = “I’m an evil Tory bigot”.

  9. $19428857 says:

    Willard Mitt Romney:   Wintry Troll Maimed,

  10. UhOhChongo says:

    Reminds me of “Spiro Agnew” == “Grow a penis”… 

  11. Singe says:

    Willard Mitt Romney:

    A Mildew Trimly Torn
    Dilemma Twirly Torn
    Dammit, Winery Troll
    A Midterm Twirl, Only
    Rallied Minty Mr. Two

    Well I tried.

  12. SamSam says:

    Mitt Romney: Mr Tit Money

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