Ten great anagrams of "Nathaniel Read Silver"

Adherents' Alien Rival
Darn All Her Naiveties
I Ate Venal Hardliners
Handles Narrative Lie
Vanilla Disheartener
Ha, Irrelevant Denials
Annihilated Reversal
Air Leaves Hinterland
Alien Narratives Held
Reverential Anil Dash

BONUS anagram, courtesy of Boris Magocsi: "Donald Trump is an angram of Turd Mop Land"


  1. “Handles Narrative Lie” makes a fair bit of sense. With math, Silver was able to handle the great narrative lie being perpetuated by the right wing.

  2. “Donald Trump’s Wig” = “Turd glows in damp”

    Still not as good as UK politicians: “Virginia Bottomley” = “I’m an evil Tory bigot”.

  3. Willard Mitt Romney:

    A Mildew Trimly Torn
    Dilemma Twirly Torn
    Dammit, Winery Troll
    A Midterm Twirl, Only
    Rallied Minty Mr. Two

    Well I tried.

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