Vive Le Castle: 'A Middle-Class Interloper Spends An Evening Hobnobbing With Billionaires'


20 Responses to “Vive Le Castle: 'A Middle-Class Interloper Spends An Evening Hobnobbing With Billionaires'”

  1. JenniferS says:

    Just because someone has money doesn’t mean they aren’t petty and bizarre. 

  2. Well, I enjoyed listening to this story well enough, but unless I missed something it didn’t seem to qualify as an “Oh Sh*t” story.  I’ve been to plenty of dinner parties where the hosts aren’t getting along.

    • How did you know they all had lots of money?  How were they dressed?  What kinds of dinner table conversations do billionaires have?  Were they incredibly wasteful?  What kinds of cars did they drive?  Were there lots of craggy old rich guys with trophy wives?  How much money did you friend give to this foundation?  Did anyone ask you what you were doing there?

    • Also, please don’t read this as a snarky complaint, I genuinely think there’s an interesting story here.  I certainly wouldn’t want one of my personal anecdotes presented to the Internet for criticism :-)

    • LaylaSV says:

       Yup. I kept waiting for the “Oh, Shit” part to kick in.

  3. royaltrux says:

    Not really worth seven minutes, IMHO.

  4. Andrew Perrine says:

    Boring things that rich people do are de facto very interesting.

  5. Thad says:

    I gave up because of the stupid music. Real life does not have a backing track.

  6. Cowicide says:

    You can download the mp3 here (may have to right-click/save on link):

  7. semiotix says:

    How wonderful for them, to learn of your colorful folkways and native dances!

  8. perch says:

    I was expecting so much more than ‘some guy insults his wife’s cooking.’

    I’ve somehow managed to get myself involved in some super-wealthy goings-ons and it’s usually extremely zany.

  9. mike fayer says:

    I was expecting orgies, prostitutes, drug use, and devil worship.

    I would have settled for a bunga bunga party.

    This was tuesday night with some friends going through a marital spat, but in a mansion.

  10. Quiche de Resistance says:

    And then I fucked the chamber maid in the trophy room.

  11. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Having done non-profit work since I was in the sixth grade and been on the board of a few non-profits, I know several billionaires.  They’re quite normal.  The only difference was that I was making 7K a year and they were making more than that in interest every day.

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