White People Mourning Romney


(via Ant Staley)


  1. yes kids, 2012 was the year the emotional and ideological paraphenalia of the 1950s finally started eroding from the average consciousness.

    Then we all started to understand what had been happening all along.

    Boy, were we pissed.

    1. What does that even mean? And you spelled paraphernalia incorrectly. Maybe there should be a tumblr called “Boing Boing readers posting comments while high”

      1. Oh, stewardess — I speak jive. Let me have a crack at this…

        I think what peregrinus is saying is that the outdated attitudes and so-called traditional values (cough*whiteprivilege*cough) of the “good old days” are finally disappearing, or at least abating, from enough of our electorate that the old GOP playbook just isn’t operable anymore. And that what we saw on Tuesday was just a harbinger of the enlightenment to come in this country. (Maybe?)

        I’m not sure I’m quite as optimistic as all that, but I’m a damn sight more optimistic than I was on Monday. :)

      2. It is phrased as if a comment from the future, made by an eldery citizen who was alive in 2012, speaking to the youth of that future date.

        Presumably by “emotional and idealogical paraphernalia of the 1950s”, they are referring to the sorts of values held in the 1950s which continued on in various forms to 2012. The sort of values being referenced are probably things like racism, sexism, imperialism, militarism, jingoism and blind patriotism, laisez-faire capitalism and corporatism, homophobia and xenophobia, etc.

        Please note in the 1950s, blacks were still being openly lynched, women couldn’t hold a great number of jobs (and received far more unequal pay than today for those they could), Latin America was just a big ol’ playground for the US government to bully around and exploit, the atomic bomb was all the rage, pollution was largely ignored, disposable consumer culture rose to prominence, and you could lose your career, your freedom, or even your life for being gay, being far left-leaning politically, or simply being publically accused of either.

      3.  I understood it just fine, even though there was one r missing from the message, and even though it started with an uncapitalized letter. It uses metaphor.

  2. Poor little guys. I hope they weren’t so distraught going home that they tripped over a pile of money and precious gemstones trying to get in the door of their mansions.

    1. That’s OK. They probably feel bad for us confused liberals going back to our secret Muslim welfare mansions to smoke pot and take our birth control that was paid for by their good Christian job creators.

    2. I laughed at that, but I think we’re also all painfully aware that a lot of middle class and even poor (sometimes a very fine distinction) voters cast ballots for Romney.

      If it really only had been the voters who could really afford Romney’s policies the gap would have been much wider, and we wouldn’t now have to contend with conspiracy theories about how military absentee ballots have really won Romney the presidency.

    3. It’s enough to make you go Gault.  (Willie Gault, bottom left #83. That’s the pose I would’ve made at my repub friends, if I had any.)

  3. Makes me think of an article I read yesterday about republicans who were tweeting that they’d move to Canada.

    Head. Desk.

    I know they pride themselves in being ignorant, but you’d think that surely, by mere accident, they’d have heard about our established gay marriages, legal abortions and evil French-soshulist province.

    1. Yeah, but Canada has that GWB-era atmosphere of a kind of decent place being run into the ground as quickly and painfully as possible by the conservative not-quite-majority

    2. I assume they remember people saying they wanted to move to Canada when Bush Jr. got reelected, and Canadians being very sympathetic, and we somehow got this reputation of “Cool place that accepts people who are pissed off by their electoral results.”

      The problem is, we were all welcoming of those people wanting to flee Bush because we UNDERSTOOD them. 

      Romney supporters?  I can’t speak for all of Canadians, but I can speak for myself:

      Please find another country to escape to.

      1. Too bad that the only other country they can just pack up the Escalade and drive to is Mexico.  And we all know how Republicans feel about THOSE guys.

          1. Heh.  I hope and pray they discover that Carlos Slim needs new landscapers for his estate… y’know, in case they need to find work to keep their visa current.

      2. Short of converting to Islam and moving to the middle east there isn’t really any place for them to go though.  Seriously, everywhere is more liberal than here.

    3. Presently, Canada is led by a Tea Party compatible prime minister who is dismantling environmental protections to sell Alberta’s oil, weakening the federal government so Alberta doesn’t have to share its boon with anyone else, ending universal health care (it’s coming just wait), slashing social programs, deregulating banks, lowering taxes for the wealthy, decreasing rights and protections for immigrants and refugees, expanding the prison system, and implementing increased power and protections for Christians. It’s Paul Ryan’s wet dream Canada-style.

      1. Lookit past elections following conservative majorities.

        Canada can turn on a dime in these conditions. Given that his majority is slim and his damage potential great, I think that is what will happen.

      1. That they’d probably fully endorse. I mean we’re talking about people from places that have chunks of biscuits in a bowl of gravy as a breakfast option in Burger King (at least last time I traveled through there)

  4. How racist!  I would enjoy pictures of sad black, latino, asian Romney supporters just as much, although I appreciate the greater challenge in finding them…

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one offended.  I didn’t support Romney, but if Obama had lost, would anyone dare posting pictures of black people mourning?

        1. I’m not even unseriously offended.  What was it, 88% of Romney voters were white?

          88% of nearly half the electorate is a whole lotta sad white folks.  I’m glad to be a relatively chipper white dude this week.  After all, when all is said and done, how many things haven’t gone my way in my lifetime?

          I’m one lucky futhermucker, I tell you what.

      1. Prepare to be further offended: Stuff White People Like.

        As a white person who has never been subject to worse discrimination than being called a “f*****” I find both SWPL and the linked tumblr to be hilarious rather than racist.

        1. SWPL is different.  It is in jest and self mockery.  The motivation for this feels more like playground-esque ‘neener neener’.

          1. I’m not seeing the difference you’re seeing.  Maybe your psychic powers are more developed than mine.

      2. Romney fans have been posting pictures all over facebook of black people celebrating while they post endless racist comments about them….so yeah…..tough s..

        1. I was having a conversation with my father where he said some racist-sounding shit and was trying to defend himself.  Here’s the defense:
          “I don’t see much difference between white supremacists and people voting for Obama just because he’s black.”  Neglecting the really bizarre equivalence between people arming themselves for the inevitable war against anyone who isn’t white and people voting for bad reasons I can’t understand how he just ignores the thousands, maybe millions, of white people voting for Romney just because Obama is black.

          1. Yeah it’s a typical narrative. The right wing probably wonders why women are turned off by them too…..

            Must be reverse-sexist…..

            There was a brief period on Wed morning where I felt like it wasn’t nice to rub it in, but that was before the avalanche of racist memes and narratives started pouring in from the losers. F them.

        1.  The Black People Who Heard Lincoln Was A Republican And Assume Things Just Stayed On Track For The Last 150 Years tumblr?

      3.  Obama didn’t run (or lead) on an agenda of marginalizing everyone who isn’t like him, so it would lose a lot of the humour…..

        1.  But the GOP fervently believes he did. They probably believe they heard him say it on TV.

          Projection is their ‘tell.’

  5. The ones I saw were more along the lines of “I hope you stocked up on food and ammo, end times are upon us!”  

    I couldn’t help but to respond that they were right, and society was going to collapse into total anarchy just like it did 4 years ago, except without the ongoing financial disaster this time.

    I also like when people tweeted that the government was going to kill us with debt if we don’t put Republicans in power.  I couldn’t help but to point out that if you want Republicans to care about debt, you need to put a Democrat in charge. 

    1. I’m sure that Serious People are aware of, and monitoring, the fact that it was immediately after Clinton’s reelection that the Oklahoma City plot was put in motion.

      Browsing around right wing web forums right now is basically bathing in violent “internet tough guy” talk about civil war. Most are meek dipshits in real life, but there are bound to be real sociopaths among them, and the psychotic ranting of the whole crowd must make it harder to distinguish those who are truly planning something terrible.

    2. Good to know, I’ll start selling them precious metals stamped with Jesus Dollars and retire before the 21st of December.

    3. They were ok with a tax cut while going to war that wasn’t on the books.   

      They talk about Obama supporters wanting free things but I think they are projecting too much.

  6. Three years ago, anyone could have told you — unless something strange happened — that Romney would be the likely GOP nominee, and that he would probably lose against the incumbent.  

    After years of campaign/media propaganda about how things were neck-and–neck… that’s exactly how it turned out.  For the exact same reasons that anyone could have said three years ago.  Mitt’s a rich jerk, and he’ll be tied to Congress GOP obstructionism, whereas Obama is a semi-inspiring figure and Democrats appear to be (at least) trying to help everyday folks.

    You can say how close things were all you like, but when the obvious outcome is the actual outcome, it’s nothing to be surprised about.

    So, I’m calling 2016 right now, and yes, I am as serious as a heart attack:  

    Jeb Bush loses a “neck-and-neck” race against Hillary Clinton.  Due to the Democrats’ increasingly powerful coalition of people who aren’t white/old/male voters, and Republican’s unwillingness to stop hyper-focusing on that same group.  

    Bracing myself for another 4 years of foregone conclusions.

    1. Job Bush won’t lose to Hillary Clinton. She’s not running. I’m not sure who is, but it won’t be her.

    2.  Jeb Bush versus Hillary Clinton in 2016?  That’s so plausible it makes me feel physically ill.  God forbid we should let anyone with any new ideas run.

  7. I find the over the top exuberance of the Obama supporters equally as funny/dismaying.

    Not sure if I’m just getting, if it’s social media adding to the hype, or if it has gotten worse, but the whole my side verses your side aspect of politics seemed out of control this time around.

    Maybe it’s because both candidates were kind of “meh.”

    1. I think it is more encouraging that referendums on gay married passed, recreational pot use was approved, religious school funding was rejected, forbidding state funds for insurance which covers abortion was rejected, tuition funding for undocumented immigrants was approved, tax increased for education was approved, an openly gay woman was elected to the senate, several of those with extreme (to put it kindly) views on rape and women’s rights were defeated…

      I have my doubts as to whether President Obama will pursue the agenda the Liberals and Progressives would like, but at least the electorate is showing which direction they want the country to move in.

      Baby steps.

    2. It’s amazing how excited people can be when the person who was almost certainly going restrict their rights is defeated.

      I’m glad the candidates could be “meh” for you, but as a lady-person, yeah, I’m gonna be exuberant that someone who thinks I don’t have rights to my own body got roundly defeated. And everyone’s gonna hear about it, ’cause we’re sick of this oppressive shit.

  8. I am not exactly sure who or what “white people” are, however a whole bunch of  people described that way voted for Mr. Obama.

    1. Ah, but they weren’t the only people to vote for Obama…  Illustrated very starkly by the crowd shots of the DNC vs. RNC, and Obama party vs. Romney party….

      1. Well, to be fair, Romney’s party was in Boston and there are no minorities in . . . wait, what? There are? Huh.

        I haven’t see a crowd that white since Apartheid fell.

        1. I thought this was more what the tumblr was about. Not so much making fun of people for being white, but just kind of like… wow… that’s a lot of white people. Because when you see that many crowd shots it kind of becomes uncanny. 

          1. Striking that I can say that there is a black guy in a cowboy hat in one picture. I mean, the cowboy hat is kind of unusual, but the blackness should not be.

        2. You didn’t look at any pictures of a Republican rally during the past four years, then. Dunno about Bush, but *every* Republican crowd I’ve seen since 2008 has been.. not just white, but PASTY white. You get maybe two black people in the crowd, and one of those is filming the candidate in case he says “macaca” or “47%” or “legitimate rape.”

    2. As I always tell my pink and brown children, white people are albinos, and you shouldn’t mock people’s medical problems.

  9. I’m not opposed to a little delicious schadenfreude now and then, but… I wish they’d leave the kid ones out of it.  At that age, they probably don’t really understand issues at all and are sad at little more than “the team that was chosen for me lost” and “my parents are sad”.  I don’t support making fun of that.

    1.  Yes, but do you remember that lovely little image of Santorum conceding his race years ago? He trotted up his whole brood on stage, crying little girl and all. Christ, what an asshole.

    2. The other thing about those kids is that in Boston is was probably 11:15 or so when reality set in. For every kid there that was certainly past bedtime. Not sure if you’ve ever dealt with a kid past bedtime, but they can be emotional.

      1. It’s true, the kids were more likely to be crying for being there at all. Talk about a yawnfest after the big room full of people novelty wears off (about 10 minutes.)

    3. It’s OK, the kids will be fine.

      When I was a little kid in the eighties, I was so relieved when Reagan won reelection.  All I knew about politics at the time was that he was the president, and “the other guy” was someone new and strange.  It’s kinda weird thinking back and remembering feeling that way about ole Lizard Brain, but we were all young and stupid once.

      1. I had my own moment like that in 1976, when I told my mom she should vote for Gerald Ford.  She didn’t listen to her damfool kindergartener son then, and I’m happy to state that my opinions have earned a bit more of her respect in the years since.

  10. These people and their grand ol party have been acting like complete assholes for years now, and they deserve all the pointing and laughing they got coming to them. I feel absolutely wonderful that they are so upset. I just hope that they learn their lesson: Running a moderate is always a bad idea! Palin/Bachmann, 2016!

  11.  Wait. . . isn’t “white people” mourning Romney kind of. . . redundant?  Or at least obvious.  Show me “black people mourning Romney.”

    What do you mean there aren’t any photos of that?

  12. I’m an old white guy in his 60s. I try to live by the golden rule and my Christian principles… but…damn….I’m having a VERY hard time suppressing  an overwhelming sense of gloating and shadenfraude as I see these photos.

    Shame on me. 

    (Anyone have more?…) :)

    1. I’ve not been feeling any real joy over the election results – the vote was far closer than it should have been in a rational universe, as far as I’m concerned.  When I first started looking at the pictures, I felt weird and bad for these people – that they were sad and that they wanted Romney to win (which is disturbing).  Then, for some reason, after seeing these hyperbolic “the country is dead, everything is shit now” sorts of statements by them, I actually started feeling some serious twinges of schadenfreude.

  13. Wow – Those expressions look like the night my friends and I learned Ronald Reagan was elected… Well, the shoe is on the other foot now, we survived and so will they.

    1. When Ronald Reagan was elected, I was almost 11 years-old. I was born in CA, and we lived in CA until 1974 until my parents moved us to Oregon. My grandma lived in Fairfax, she moved up here in ’75. Reagan was the CA governor from ’67 to ’75. Reagan fled the state when the Watts Riots happened and former Governor Jerry Brown had to step in to handle things. 

      My parents and g’ma burst out laughing when RR was elected, the same as when he gained the nomination. They were _not_ supporters of Reagan the governor or presidential candidate. 

      The if you can’t laugh you’ll cry thing I think. But if Romney was elected, my fam and I would not have been crying, but would have had a reaction similar to the guy in the attached pic.

  14. Whaaaa whaaa whaaa whaaaaaaaaaaaa.  (How the hell do you indicate descending tones in ascii text, anyway?)  I’m quite pleased with the way the election and the votes on gay marriage and pot turned out.  In fact, I think I’ll go look at the depressed rich white conservatives again, while Drunken Facebook Woman plays in the background… XD

  15. I honestly don’t see what is so pleasurable about these photos. All the expressions of horror indicate is how deeply divided the country is. I’m the thousandth person to complain about how much the tone of political discourse has coarsened lately, but it’s true. I have a hard time feeling good about that, no matter how much I politically disagree with the Romney-mourners. I wish people would make some kind of attempt to take the high ground.

    1.  Ahem. I can only speak for myself, but I find it highly enjoyable to watch as reality, with its known liberal bias, comes crashing down on their heads. They have been living in the echo chamber of fox noise for so long that they didn’t have a clue that what fox was peddling was complete bullshit. Maybe a bucket of cold water was what was needed.

      1. I do get the pleasures of shadenfraude, but I don’t we need to pretend like it’s a good idea to indulge in it. I don’t think losing an election is going to make any of them “wake up.” They’ll just take comfort in the fact that 47% of the country agreed with them and the rest are “brainwashed.” 

        1.  If we don’t mock them, however will they learn?

          Just kidding! They are never going to learn. They will just keep believing the same garbage as their little party becomes littler and littler. And this is the best possible outcome as it will guarantee that they keep losing elections. Double down, derpers!

          1. I get what you’re saying, but I’d prefer to be optimistic and take the approach that many of them cling to fears that stem from ignorance. Ignorance can be fought, but ignorant people rarely change their mind because the people that they perceive to be their enemies mock them. 

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