Disney Nostalgia: old Disney Parks postcards

Colin sez,

I'm going to Disney next month and (as is my way) have become obsessed with diving back into Disney World nostalgia. My plan for this trip is to buy vintage postcards for attractions that no longer exist and send them to my friends and family either lauding how much I enjoyed them or expressing my confusion for not having been able to find them... I'm still deciding which.

Long story short, it lead me to discover old cards sent years ago that have been scanned and posted online. I've began archiving these moments of happiness on my new blog, The Disney Nostalgia Trip. Many of these cards are the usual vacation banter about weather and sunburns, some offer heartwarming insights into what makes (or made, depending on your opinion) these parks such magical places. My favorite of all is the one that inspired me to start the blog.

The Disney Nostalgia Trip (Thanks, Colin!)