Former Pixar CTO's talking teddy bear raises $16M

ToyTalk, a "family entertainment" startup that makes a "smart," internet-connected, artificially-intelligent teddy bear, has secured a total of $16M million in institutional funding. The company was founded by former Pixar CTO Oren Jacob, and ToyTalk CTO Martin Reddy previously worked at the organization that built virtual personal assistant Siri. (Venturebeat)

[Update/Correction: ToyTalk corrects the original figures reported by Venturebeat, and tells Boing Boing: "ToyTalk is at 16M in total funding to date. The most recent Series A was led by CRV. Previous seed funding was led by Greylock with First Round Capital, True Ventures and a number of angel investors."]


    1. If the 10 year cycle between Teddy Ruxpin and Tickle Me Elmo was going to be respected, this is about 5 years too late. Maybe they’re looking toward 2016 to at least keep the year consistent?

  1. Wait, wait… I’m pretty sure VentureBeat has the product entirely wrong. If you watch the video, what they seem to be offering is actually software to make toys “come alive” on an iPad, not a teddy bear.

  2. Shades of The Diamond Age.  And that ad was just _creepy_.  I totally missed the implication – were they saying that the bear was more of a draw than the TV or the video game?  Mom was stalking around like she thought her daughter had a man hidden somewhere in the house.  But instead it was just silly old Pedo Bear…

  3. Is the product the bear or the app?   Use augmented reality software to bring the bear or any kids toy to life.  Just don’t try it on Mommy’s toys.

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