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6 Responses to “Fossil hunting on Rockaway Beach”

  1. We could hitch a ride there!

  2. Pipenta says:

    I often find similar objects in clusters on a beach. The waves and currents sort objects by shape and mass. Flotsametrics. baby, flotsametrics!

  3. lafave says:

    I’m not tapping any random thing I find on the beach against my teeth.

  4. Greg Van Antwerp says:

    3 minutes! That’s it?!?!  I could watch this for an hour.  I’d go if I could. Great piece. Please make more. 

  5. Philboyd Studge says:

    It’s not hard, not far to reach
    We can find some bones
    on Rockaway Beach

  6. jackbird says:

    everybody: “Hey, could you help us carry some of these 500-pound soaking-wet couch cushions out of our basements in the chilly dark?  It’s a really big job even with hundreds of awesome volunteers helping out.”
    this guy: “Nah, I’m gonna hunt for fossils over here 50 feet away.”

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