Iranian blogger who was tortured and died in custody is buried

Sattar Beheshti, 35, was an Iranian blogger and Facebook activist who died in police custody after being arrested and tortured. Reports this week say he has been buried in his hometown of Rabat Karim, southwest of the Iranian capital.


  1. Rookie Iranians. Should have sent the guy to some other country where he could be tortured out of sight.

    1.  I was gonna “like” that statement, but then guilt/sadness struck, so I figured a reply would be more worthwhile.  I read this news over breakfast, and yeah, humanity, not helping me hope for the future.

    2.  Yeah, you’ve got a point, but that’s a little too cute. Tell ya what: Set up a blog calling out the US government while you’re in the US, then do the same calling out Iran while there. Then check your comparative life experiences. I’m guessing you wouldn’t be willing to try that experiment for real.

      1. Point is: governments draw lines at different distances, but they do. I am not saying it is OK for Iran to do it — and not suggesting they just “improve” to the US acceptance levels.

      2. In your hypothetical, is the blog here in the US being run by a white citizen? Or someone who might be able to be construed as “brownish” in some way? I think the shade difference changes everything in regards to how much work the FBI is willing to go through to frame one as a “probable terrorist”.

  2. So sad to hear this. Respect for someone who defended freedom of speech with his life. A warrior on the front lines,:killed by history’s villains.

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