The world's most disgusting Russian nesting dolls

Here's a headline for you — Worse than sex parasite: Sex parasite with virus. Yes, trichomonas (a sexually transmitted parasite that you've probably never been tested for), can actually harbor its own diseases. When infected with a virus — dubbed trichomonasvirus — trichomonas becomes even worse. Kill it, and it releases the virus, which causes inflammation and can actually lead to worse side-effects for infected people. (Via Charles Q. Choi)


  1. Immediately had to google whether there was a canine version, just so I could make a “Yo, Dawg, ..” joke. I think I need to get out more.

  2. Nasty enteric bacteria are often nasty specifically on account of the phages (or remnants thereof) they harbor in their genomes. Cholera, too. Not to take anything away from trichomoads, but bacteria kinda have it going on.

  3. FWIW, I was going to report on this story, but I contacted two Trichomonas specialists, who both said that the paper is pretty poor, and the conclusions about the virus’s importance aren’t actually justified by their results. So, I dropped the story.

  4. Maggie, is this a test of the previous post?
    Slut-shaming vagaries about how a certain STD makes all other STDs so much worse, without numbers or specifics, and how proper antibiotic treatment supposedly amplifies inflammation.

    But the giveaway is this:
    “Unlike flu viruses, for example, this virus can’t spread by jumping out of the cell into another one,” said researcher Max Nibert at Harvard Medical School. “It just spreads between cells when they [the hosts] divide or mate.”

    Coded language is obvious here, moreso than usual even.


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