World's tiniest violin plays for early Facebook employees whose net worth tanked from 8 to 7 figures

"Do you have any idea how it feels to be a 26 years-old in Palo Alto with less than $10 million in liquid assets? It’s, like, depressing.” Oh, The Shame of a Seven-figure Net Worth. (, which is a fake/satire news site, so don't get too outraged)


  1. I like his second quote better:  “I mean, I’ve been out of college for almost four years and I still have to fly commercial. I feel like a complete asshole.”

    Christ, what an…oh, you already said that.

  2. That website says “Fake news and real rants on the world of tech and media.”

    So is this fake news or a real rant?

    1. Why can’t it be both?  Real rants with fake news is a nice succinct summary of the Daily Show, et all. 

  3. That’s terrible. Maybe we could spare some of our personal information to help these poor, poor people. Dig deep folks.

  4. I know the line about $10 million in Palo Alto is just a joke, but for those of you who live far from the Bay Area, it’s not actually that much of a joke.  If you want a decent chance at a house in Palo Alto, you’re looking at about $2 million right there.  Earlier this year you might’ve been able to find a place in East Palo Alto (the high-crime area where the servants live) for less than $500k, but the flippers found out about it, bought up everything, slapped on a coat of paint and some cheapo carpet, and then added $100k to the price tag… which will still mean it’s snapped up within about three days on average.

    And that’s no joke.

      1. I don’t know about that. I’ve got a friend who just got married and lives in Sunnyvale. She and her now-husband have been looking to buy a house for the last year- and not just in Sunnyvale, anywhere within reasonable commuting distance (about an hour of driving time, factoring in a normal level of traffic) of their respective workplace and they’ve had no luck. They’re looking at the lowest of the low end- houses that have had most of the plumbing stripped out, houses missing a good chunk of the roof, in bad and scary areas, etc etc, and these things are selling for 500, 600k. And they’re selling for *cash* before they can even so much as get an offer in. It’s crazy. 

    1. Insane but true, I remember a news report about families with a lower 6-digit income, living in homeless shelters.

      But like @boingboing-f35fd567065af297ae65b621e0a21ae9:disqus says, one could find a very nice home at a relatively short distance AND have money to buy a bitchen’ hybrid car, or better yet, a hybrid diesel!

    2. It is a joke. By your account, $10 million is being able to buy 5 Palo Alto houses in cash. If you can by one house in cash at national average pricing, you’re past the point of being rich, and being able to receive sympathy.

  5. At first I thought maybe some of the quotes had just been added for color, but after I got to the ‘Jerk-Quil’ i laffed out loud and just enjoyed the rest of the article.  $250k to totally disrupt the south beach surf industry–comedy gold!

    1. Jeremy – this is a stab in the dark, but did you work for Symantec in the late 90’s?  ‘Cause if you did, you were very effective (and good-natured) at internal IT support. Anyway, Many-thanks for putting up with us.

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