Leadership tips from Paula Broadwell

"Be positive. Everyone likes to be around people who exude energy. Find a way to give energy and encouragement. It is amazing how the right attitude and the ability to make others feel good about themselves can be a magnet for new friends and colleagues!  A book that captures this phenomenon is Celestine Prophesy."—Petraeus biographer and alleged email harasser and paramour Paula Broadwell, interviewed for a lady leadership series. More about the Petraeus/Broadwell affair in this previous Boing Boing post. (via Robert Caruso)


  1. I’m looking at casting the movie with Tim Blake-Nelson, Rashida Jones, and I can’t think of someone for Holly yet.

    1. I’m not slut shaming, this is just the hilarity of hypocrisy.

      ” Integrity, or adherence to a strict moral and ethical code, is a hallmark quality of a great leader. Without it, a leader will lose the trust and respect of the populace it leads and serves. In the military, this could lead to a lack of public trust, which ultimately threatens peace and security. ”

      Come on… I can’t *not* laugh!

      The woman is amazingly narcissistic, enough so to write a book to tell people how to become better people by acting more like her. Then she gets caught being the worst thing a superior human could ever be– which is to say no better than the rest of us. Well, people are just going to laugh because that’s how it is. Now ignoring his part and painting her as the villain is straight up sexism, but laughing at both of them is just acknowledging foolish human nature and its hilarious outcomes.

  2. Forget the scandal, I’m depressed that the advice in a “lady leadership series” included the all important “Be positive! Make sure you’re making others feel good about themselves!”

  3. “A book that captures this phenomenon is Celestine Prophesy.”

    And that says all you really need to know about Paula Broadwell’s intellectual and spiritual cred.

  4. She was also jealous of him becoming a contestant on Donald Trump’s  “Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars” show: http://hollywoodandswine.com/disgraced-general-david-petraeus-enlists-in-nbcs-celebrity-apprentice-all-stars/

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