Portraits of LA voters

Dan sez, "Two LA-based photographers shot photos of voters 'to document and celebrate the diversity of the Los Angeles electorate. All photographs were taken outside of polling locations across the city on Election Day, November 6th, 2012.' I especially like this one.

(Thanks, Dan!)


      1.  I tend to dress down to vote as I’m running late, but I really should respect the whole thing more. I mean, I put effort into figuring out who to vote for, but not my voting outfit.

  1. Woo. Those two are *sharp dressers*. Like a pair of *razors* strutting down the street.

    This is why nerds like to wear fedoras. They hope to grow up to be as stylish as these two.

    1. But they only ever wear the hat! Hats are awesome, but they don’t convey style unless paired appropriately with a sharp outfit.

  2. Lovely couple. There’s a kind of grace and beauty that comes only with time and experience, and these two have it to spare. I feel more stylish just looking at them.

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