Portraits of LA voters


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  1. Wow, that dude looks like the DADDY of the mack daddies. Bet they both have some great stories!

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      We need a trend of people dressing in their finery to vote.

      • ocker3 says:

         I tend to dress down to vote as I’m running late, but I really should respect the whole thing more. I mean, I put effort into figuring out who to vote for, but not my voting outfit.

  2. Egypt Urnash says:

    Woo. Those two are *sharp dressers*. Like a pair of *razors* strutting down the street.

    This is why nerds like to wear fedoras. They hope to grow up to be as stylish as these two.

    • novium says:

      But they only ever wear the hat! Hats are awesome, but they don’t convey style unless paired appropriately with a sharp outfit.

  3. The guy in the suit is a big band singer / entertainer named Kijana Mahdi: http://www.kijanamahdi.com  

    Lots of other quirky characters on the main site: http://voterportraits.com

  4. Better Wings says:

    Lovely couple. There’s a kind of grace and beauty that comes only with time and experience, and these two have it to spare. I feel more stylish just looking at them.

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