Chicken truck burns in Chili, NY

Forty thousand pounds of chicken meat were engulfed in flames last week after a tractor trailor's fuel tank ruptured.

The chicken-filled 18-wheeler, which originated in Mississippi, ignited and was engulfed in flames just a few miles from its intended destination, the Wegmans Distribution Center, in Chili, said Chili Fire Department Chief Kevin Steeves.


  1. I live the next town over, and this mess is why my daughter was 20 minutes late for her kung fu lesson on Thursday.

    I hate to make this less funny, but the name of the town is pronounced locally to rhyme with “bye bye,” not like the foodstuff. Still plenty bizarre without the puns, though.

    1. I had been thinking that it went through three main stages:
      1 – Feathers.  Horrifying.
      2 – A perfect chicken x40,000 pounds.  Astonishing.
      3 – Burned.  See 1.

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