Liberal Sicily

In Italy, openly gay and devoutly Catholic anti-corruption politician Rosario Crocetta was recently elected to govern conservative Sicily: "I will demonstrate that this region can be the most liberal in Europe." The Mafia's tried to kill him three times, so far. [Reuters]


    1. You start by ignoring the leaders of the church and read the words “written” by god.
      You make your peace with people ignoring the words in the book and passing judgement twisting the words to support their position.
      You only need to answer to god, not some old man dressed in leftovers from Liberace’s closet.

      1. I’ve been in Liberace’s closet.  The clothes were gone, but the round sofa thing was still there.  Seems like there was a lot of zebra skin, too.

    2. Many devout Catholics are openly gay, pro-contraception, pro-choice, pro-euthanasia, support women priests, etc. The Catholic Church dropped the ball on social control a couple of decades ago. Did you know that Italy ranks 209 out of 222 countries for birth rate?

        1. He is openly gay and anticorruption, he is like a nightmare for them.
          To excommunicate him would draw way more attention when a well placed bullet.

          1. The fail to follow the rules, they put on the hat and still walk in straight lines!

            That and I think there is something disgusting about a group massing wealth and not using it to actually help the poor and starving unless they convert.  Well that and covering up the rape of children… and a multitude of other sins.

          2. The church leaders probably wear Armani, too. He designs all kinds of things like police uniforms.

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