Man sues church after crucifix crushes leg

A man, crushed by the 600-lb marble crucifix he was cleaning, is suing the Hudson Valley church which gave him permission to do so: "Jimenez was standing on the crucifix's base, using rags and soapy water to clean Christ's face. While holding onto the cross beam for balance, the whole crucifix snapped off at its base, sending Jimenez crashing to the ground." [AP]


  1. Interesting that when his wife survived cancer, he attributed it to god and that cross. But when the cross crushes his leg, he doesn’t have a single thought about his god being displeased and sues the church. How convenient.

    It’s just like all the religious people who claim that hurricanes, earthquakes and a plethora of natural phenomena are because of teh gays and yet totally ignore the most blatant messages:

    1. Is it though? He prayed to his god and cleaned the church’s physical symbol of that. If a church were to collapse on parishoners, would we laugh at the irony and chalk it up to “that must be god’s will too!” or do we agree that the church has responsibility for the safety of its physical properties? I mean, this isn’t snake-handling.

      1. Perhaps the church should have just as much responsibility as Mr. Jimenez attributed to the doctors, nurses, researchers, etc. that worked to save his wife’s life.

      2. Never said it’s okay for churches to have shoddy building practices. I’m talking about this man’s state of mind. It shows how easily people pick and choose what is involvement from god and what isn’t and it is always worrisome to see how they don’t question themselves about it whatsoever even in a situation that extreme.

      3.  If a church were to collapse on parishoners, would we laugh at the irony and chalk it up to “that must be god’s will too!”

        That’s pretty much what God allowed to happen to Job’s house and his children. If you believe that The Bible is the word of God that is. If this was a test, then Jimenez failed big time…

    2. I forgot how awesomely psychedelic the Berkley Pit looks.

      I’d bet it’d look really cool scuba diving. Until all my skin melts off.

    3. I knew a woman who talked incessantly about how we create our own reality. Until God gave her cancer.

  2. Maybe it is time for churches to keep the amateurs from cleaning — and restoring — their artwork?

  3.  Wait.  Is it victim blaming when I point out that the church gave permission to clean the Jeezus, not to hang from his cross.
    Bring a stepladder, klutz.
    And take a hint.  You just got a crucifixion and stoning in one.

  4. He should have stuck a vinegar- soaked rag on the end of a spear and swabbed Jebus with that. Worked for the centurion.

    1. Actually, a sponge on a stick would have been the best choice and it is simple too. Jesus may have cured the sick and raised the dead but it is far more difficult to cure foolishness.

      1.  I guess that there aren’t too many christians familiar with the bible here… that was a reference to the passage in the book of John, about the centurion offering a rag soaked in vinegar to Jesus when he was on the cross and thirsty. A little too obscure, I guess…my 12 years of catholic schooling are hard to shake.

        1.  I got that reference but substitute a long stick with a sponge for the spear and it is still the simplest and safest way to go.

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