Spider delays vote count

The Attleborough Sun-Chronicle reports that a spider got inside a voting machine on election day, thereby preventing the scanner inside from correctly counting ballots. Poll workers stayed up all night to count Rehoboth, MA.'s ballots by hand; presidential candidate Mitt Romney emerged victorious.


  1. “Election authorities suspected there might be a problem when the machine reported 100% of votes cast for Spider/Spider of the Spider Party.
    “State Spider Party representatives deny any wrongdoing and claim the spider who tampered with the machine acted alone.”

  2. It’s nice to think at least one town in MA voted for Romney.  After all, he was their carpetbagger governor, I’m glad somebody wanted to give him a second chance,

    1. Unfortunately for his chances in MA, presidential-candidate-Romney ran on a strongly anti-governor-Romney, and snidely anti-MA, platform…

  3. The spider caused more election havoc than the “Black Panther” standing outside that precinct in Philadelphia. And in a Republican-leaning town, no less. Why isn’t Fox News reporting on this?

    1. If each ballot includes votes for multiple offices, perhaps dozens, I can see it taking at least few minutes to record each one 

    1. I read that as ‘opisthodomos’ and couldn’t figure out why they were counting votes in the back of the naos.

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