How to turn Barbie into a Weeping Angel


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  1. catastrophegirl . says:

    i suggest, from years of barbie butchering experience, don’t break the arms. boil and bend them. less worry about them breaking at the elbow if you jar the “statue” later. you can also cut the fingers apart with an xacto and bend the fingers into new positions after boiling. please wear finger protection to make the bends because boiling hot barbie arms aren’t fun to touch

  2. chellberty says:

    I’m confused didn’t Barbie always have the power to send women back in time stifling them and feeding on all of their potential?

  3. cdh1971 says:

    “…notice a missing toy from their collection.”

    This actually builds character, lots of character. A friend’s brother once stole her bicycle to buy heroin. She was seven, he was fifteen. This incident and others inspired her to become an episcopal priest who works with adolescent drug addicts. 

    She would just love the Weeping Angel Barbie mod — being a big fan of the Doctor and all. I should forward this to her. 

    Perhaps I can find the motivation to do this myself. Would it be out of line, would it make me a bad person, to make various versions of these and place them places, like cemeteries, or funeral homes in a way that makes them look as if they belong?

    This might also work well with My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, G.I. Joe, the possibilities…maybe convert a favourite kid’s entire figurine collection! Fuckin’ A.

    • Ryan says:

      So when you say builds character what you mean is wastes their life?

      • cdh1971 says:

        Nothing like a good brisk beating and a dunk in ice cold water upon waking at the crack of dawn to toughen one’s spirit and intellect.  

      • cdh1971 says:

        But Ryan, this was my point. Many things that traditionally are seen to build character are really designed to crush one’s spirit. Like most traditional parochial schools for example.

  4. parfae says:

    Personally, I like Monster High dolls for this purpose – here’s a pic of one I made a couple of months ago:

  5. tylerkaraszewski says:

    As an aside, the weeping angels are *by far* scarier than daleks.

    • Richard_Kirk says:

      They do touch a nerve, don’t they?

      Apparently you can get a similar effect if you use transcranial magnetic stimulation to stun the part of the brain that processes motion. This leaves you with the impression of the world as a set of static images, where things suddenly change position with no apparent intermediate motion. You can get the same with brain damage and I met someone who had a temporary episode from taking drugs: apparently it is deeply scary in the same way as the weeping angels.

      I wonder if Oliver Sacks is still in the BoingBoing building? We ought to ask him.

  6. Pauline Laing says:

    That’s fantastic. Something others might find useful is this .. .I posted it on my blog, so that Barbies that need their heads removed would have an easy time.

    • catastrophegirl . says:

       oooh, good idea. i usually use needle nosed pliers to break the prongs off up inside the head but there’s a lot of ugly neck stretching and the possibility of cracking the hard part of the neck

  7. oasisob1 says:

    I always thought it was as easy as taking all her career choices away from her.

  8. Mama Mary says:

    Oh Jamie, I hope my daughters don’t see this – their Christmas surprises will be ruined!
    Yeah, I’m already making these. 

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