A 747 window frame?

This authentic, certified, window frame from a 747 immediately caught my eye. Then I had to ask: "What the heck do you do with it?" I've installed portholes from an old ship in my home, but this? How would you use it?


    1. Damn. I was going to suggest installing it as a window in your house then, during dinner parties, running to it and screaming, “THERE’S A MAN ON THE WING!”

      1. Or something similar would be to have a screen behind it showing constantly moving Simpsons-style clouds.

    2. Or turn it over to get a sense of how terrifying that ordeal must have been from the gremlin’s point of view.

      1. Leave it to Brainspore to flip the subject over and make it funny (welcome back!) 

        That image mounted on either side of the front door, the bathroom door, the toilet seat lid, the bedroom ceiling, the refrigerator, the trunk of a car, used as a panel for a briefcase or luggage.  Make the image a transparency and hang it at the corners like a stained glass window to share with the neighbors.

  1. Good to know the aftermarket’s there to help the next time some miscreant busts a window to swipe the tape deck out of my jumbo jet.

  2. Forget the window frame… Did you see the pair of First Class seats? For $2,450.00, that’s cheaper than flying anywhere First Class – and you get to keep the seats. 

  3. Mount it on the wall and attach the bottom half of a Gert Fröbe manikin dressed in a ’60’s era Army uniform.

  4. It all started with one lone 747 window, then I bought a seat, and then…  just like Johnny Cash  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hb9F2DT8iEQ  
    , there I was with a 7{4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12}7 of my own.

  5. many years ago my dad acquired the aluminum cutouts from some airliner windows (the part that is removed). We used them in the oven as pizza pans, and other baking needs. I wonder what happened to those.

  6. flat-screen display behind the window, with a running aquarium app/display.  Live your submerged aircraft dreams, full-on Airport ’77 style.

  7. I think you need to build a real Maker display out of this, place a screen behind it attached to a motion sensor, when people get too curious William Shatner’s  face appears screaming. 

  8. You could incorporate it into your countertop – the opening itself could be put over your kitchen sink.

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