As the World Burns: Petraeus scandal cheat-sheet and infographic

Mother Jones has a very good summary/explainer/de-WTFer up today. I've given up on trying to keep up with the story right now, it's too weird and too sprawling and there are too many sets of penises and vaginas involved.

Via Tim Dickinson at Rolling Stone. The chart is by Hilary Sargent (@lilsarg). I don't know who created it, but will add credit when I figure that out.


  1. Wow, that de-WTFer chart worked like a charm. I’m completely clear of WTFs now.

    Edit: certain news organizations are going to have a problem with it however; there are no links to Benghazi.

  2. See, this is nice. Now while ADD repeatedly lures me to this story, that same condition is satisfied by an easy-to-follow visual. 

    Can we make this into a board game for when the internets cut out?

  3. The phrase “volunteer, unpaid, social liaison” does sound better than what the music business calls a “groupie”.

  4. Just summarize: 
    Linda Tripp = Jill Kelly and the FBI
    Monica Lewinsky = Broadwell
    Clinton = Petraeus

    But the surveillance camera staring at itself is pinning my irony meter..

    Silly CIA directory shoulda used crypto…

    Maybe he can be on a talk show with Weiner, Spitzer, etc.  Called “The View with our Pants Down”

  5. I read the article, but I think I can boil it down even further: a lot of men with power can’t keep their dicks in their whitey-tighties. 

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