Claire Danes crying -- the supercut

(Video link) Claire Danes has been crying her whole entire career, and it usually gets her all kinds of trips to award shows. But when all of her crying scenes are strung together into a supercut, you'll realize that crying not only made her career -- it might actually be her career. Girl cries like it's an Olympic sport! Do you think she trains for it? Is this the real reason she hawks eyelash lengtheners? Is Latisse really steroids for crying? Are her tear ducts insured? How does she get her chin to do that hummingbird thing? Could her sobs be signed to the UFC and fight Ronda Rousey? Let's face facts: Claire Danes' cry-face is the new Chuck Norris. (via Hello Giggles)


  1. Arrrgh… without the plot of the movie to involve me emotionally it just looks so manipulative and fake! Wow…

  2. Saturday Night Live did a nice send up of Homeland with Anne Hathaway playing Carrie. The parodies just make me love the show more. 
    “It’s like her whole face is chewing bubblegum…”

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