Man ordered not to throw horseshit at Prince Charles

An Auckland resident was ordered Tuesday to stay away from Prince Charles and wife Camilla during their stay in New Zealand, thereby thwarting his plans to throw horseshit at the royal couple. Sam Bracanov, 76, was ordered by Auckland District Court to remain at least 500 meters from the future British monarch. Though he pleaded not guilty on a charge of conspiracy to commit a crime, he described to reporters a plan to "make it liquid like porridge." [Reuters]


  1. Sounds like a challenge!

    Surely a man capable of making horseshit liquid like porridge is also capable of coming up with a device to fling horseshit 500 meters.

    1. Smart and a gentleman. 

      Horseshit is well-mannered, considerate flinging.

      If he were offended by their very existence as human beings instead of just their royal status he would fling something from the asshole of a predator.

    2. It sounds tricky. He probably needs to put it in a bag. But if people can toss a pumpkin more than a mile, I’m sure some gentleman could rig up a horseshit trebuchet for a 500 m toss. And it is for a good cause!

      Another option would be to do it by balloon.

        1. I don’t think that you really want to get into a fight with one of the Royals by using a horse as a weapon.

          1.  Oh I know, hasn’t worked since the 9th century BC or so in Anatolia. 
            No, seriously, they know horses.  Didn’t Charles get married to one? 

  2.  If you are specifically ordered not to throw horseshit at Prince Charles, do you then have carte blanche as regards other targets?

    1. What about other forms of shit? Personally, I think using horseshit is weaksauce and anyone who wanted to show TRUE disdain would go the extra mile and DIY.

  3. This is a refreshing change considering that we are used to having politicians throwing bullshit everyday at low men & women.

  4. Amazing how people like him can’t wow the New Zealand with their brilliance and persuade the citizenry to leave the British Commonwealth. 

  5. Apparently the nong has a record of this sort of protest. Makes me wonder what else he does with his time, other than sit around chewing over his hatred for the Royal Family like so much old soup.

    1.  I dunno, I’m English, and if I think about them long enough, I kinda want to throw shit at them as well.

  6. I’m a half-British New Zealander and come from a long line of anti-monarchists. I have seen that old bloke on Queen Street and read his rambling hand-written pamphlets. He’s as crazy as a shit house rat but good on him. Well done that man.

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