Shadow Unit shared world book one is free and DRM-free


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  1. Don Smith says:

    I love Emma Bull and Holly Black.  I’ll have to give it a read and see if it grabs me.

  2. Legotech says:

    The series is a LOT of fun and the books integrate stuff from the web like character’s livejournal entries and stuff like that that you might have to search around the site a bit to find otherwise.   There’s a forum where some people have put together chronologies so you can read the stories and extras in the same order that they are in the books.  Anyway, pick up the first one or check out the website at

    No I’m not involved with them…just someone who devoured all 12 ebooks recently :)

  3. Marc Mielke says:

    Elizabeth Bear wrote one of the best Cthulhu Mythos stories I’ve ever read: “Shoggoths in Bloom”, and I’ve been looking for more of her work. I’ll give this a go based on that!

  4. Fascinating, I Want It. Where Can I Find The PDF?

  5. Tom Dheere says:

    I had the pleasure of narrating the audiobook versions of “Shoggoths of Bloom” and “Mongoose” so I can attest that anything they write is worth reading! They were two of my favorite short stories I’ve narrated.

  6. RevRob says:

    Arachne Jericho did .mobi and .epub versions of Seasons One and Two a few years ago.  She has them posted on her site: .  You should check them out.

  7. matociquala says:

    Hey, RevRob–Arachne’s versions are awesome, and totally free (and authorized under Creative Commons.) They don’t contain some of the supplemental material that the official ebooks do, however–including blog entries and Kyle’s photo covers.


  8. Zig says:

    I’ve not read this (yet) and while I am sure it is very different the synopsis brings to mind the anime Darker Than Black.

    Looking forward to reading. Darn fine writers involved.

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