Stunningly surreal time remapping video

"timeRemapExportHD" by Adrien M / Claire B. My friend Dustin Hostetler put it well: "I feel like in 50 to 100 years, when mankind looks back on this era of technology advancement, this is the sort of piece they’ll reference as the moment the computers started making art for us."


  1. So someone finally found a way to make a particularly egregious camera bug (the rolling shutter) into a feature by calling it “art”.  It still makes me ill to watch it.

  2. Well, if these future archivists are any good at their job they should know that Zbigniew Rybcznksi did this 24 years ago with his “Fourth Dimension” short film.

    1. I call shenanigans!  She wasn’t altered by the effect at all.

      I don’t think this was digital manipulation, I THINK THEY WERE ACTUALLY STRETCHING LIKE THAT!

  3. “…this is the sort of piece they’ll reference as the moment the computers started making art for us.”

    Yeah. I’m not feeling that. If you’re a tech school “artist” then I can see feeling that way. If you’re classically trained first – you realize that everything from an brush, to an airbrush to a computer – are just tools to help you get your vision into reality. They shouldn’t dictate what your art is, The tool doesn’t make art.

  4. Yup. I’ve seen this sort of thing before… but i call it ‘reality remapping’ and involves chemicals rather than pixels…

    (And as it’s presented, I don’t believe it’s ‘art’ as much as any other Photoshop/Premiere/whatever filter is ‘art’)

  5. That effect was used extensively in the 1990’s french movie “The 1001 nights” (Les mille et une nuits) for the all sequences where the genie comes out of his lamp. That movie is also famous for featuring a very young and naked Catherine Zeta Jones.

  6. i would approach this with after effects using a precomp for every row of pixels to fill the veertical space of the footage then offset them from top to bottom by one or two frames. i’m sure there could be an expression written that would apply a hue to a time delay so you could just use a precomp of a ramp. seems pretty simple to me. just make sure you lock down your camera. it really wouldn’t be that bad seeing as how hd is only 1080 pixels high. a little bit of tedious preproduction and you’re done.

  7. I applied an effect like this to a random video of skaters I found on youtube — two years ago now.  From the other comments here I guess I don’t get any prizes for originality, but hey, I thought it up independently.

  8. the rolling shutter is not at it’s core a digital effect: there have been analog cameras doing this since decades. It can not be reproduced with aftereffects (or any other digital tool) without using several cameras or 3D objects: or how do you get imagery of the objects backside instantaniously?

  9. i actually tried to play this video…after 2min. of frustration i realized it was on vimeo….you got me again boing boing.   i keep falling for that trick, thinking that maybe someday a vimeo video will actually play on my new mac w/ broadband connection.  fool me once shame on you, fool me 100 times…shame on vimeo.

    1. So I can’t shake the feeling that I’m tripping balls while staring at a Dali painting with the first video. I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not… it probably is.

  10. There’s an interactive exhibit in the National Media Museum, in Bradford, UK that does this in real time for visitors.

    From memory, you stand in front of a big screen with a camera in the centre and watch yourself bend and warp as you move. It’s pretty cool.

  11. “this is the sort of piece they’ll reference as the moment the computers started making art for us.” 

    Yeah, back in 1968’s A Space Odyssey. 

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