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5 Responses to “Get ready, lovers of 8-bit everything: The Hit Squad is coming”

  1. Chentzilla says:

    The animation doesn’t look 8-bit. More like Flash.

  2. Nadreck says:

    I don’t hold with all this new-fangled 8-bit stuff.  I prefer things where the emphasis is on story and not the special effects: such as the original ASCII art version of Episode IV before Lucas went crazy with the CGI touch-ups:  telnet://towel.blinkenlights.nl

    • Jorpho says:

       I also quite like the FoldsFive “Pixelmash” versions that have been making the rounds for years, the object of which is (if I am not mistaken) to tell the stories in the form of a carefully-optimized pixellated GIF with a minimal file size.

      This?  This is just graphics visibly composed of squares.  “8-bit” is a terrible misnomer.  (Unfortunately, I guess it is also here to stay.)

      • superpixelchris says:

        Thanks for the feedback

        To be honest, the foundation of all the graphics is 8 bit colour sprites (256 colours), but yeah “8 bit” is more of a style more than anything nowdays. We could’ve done the movie in any style, but we decided to go with the “8 bit” style as the band were from the 80’s and we thought it’d be cool to do it in that way, seeing that noone has done it that way before.

        At the end of the day, its the movie that is the important thing and we spent a year and a half working on the story and script making a funny, interesting story that we could tell. I hope that people will judge it on that rather than the style.
        Anyway, thanks again for watching the trailer. We’re hard at work making it as awesome as we can (regardless of style) :)

  3. Tim Drage says:

    M dot Strange would probably beg to differ, he released an 8-bit-style/videogame-world mixed media ‘Str8nime’ feature “We Are The Strange” back in 2007. :) http://uk.imdb.com/title/tt0923985/