They Might Be Giant's cryptozoology playing cards


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  1. Oh, they most certainly ARE giants.

  2. Marja Erwin says:

    I thought cryptozoology was *intended* to be a branch of zoology specializing in rumored but as-yet-unconfirmed animals, reasonable hypotheses about them, and reasonable search strategies for them.

    I don’t see where the paranormal fits into that.

    • nowimnothing says:

      If you followed They Might Be Giants very pro-science agenda, you would understand that this is very tongue-in-cheek and going after the popular concept of cryptozoology (like the bigfoot and ghost hunting tv shows) rather than the actual scientific form (which is more often about new sub-species of birds or insects.)

    • Bryan P says:

      They Might Be Giants never called it cryptozoology. Their name for the cards is “Paranormal, Cryptid, Myths and Hoaxes.”

      • Jonathan Badger says:

        That’s kind of a meaningless distinction, because “cryptid” and “cryptozoology” have the same root term. But I agree that it is entirely tongue in cheek — the Johns are not supporters of pseudoscience.

  3. John Ohno says:

    Where is it that this pack is being sold for $15? I want one, but I’d rather not get the whole bundle.

    • leebenningfield says:

      I think most of the items in the bundle (besides the replica promotional art prints) will be available separately once the bundle sale is over.

  4.  I remember their Discworld equivalent: “We’re Certainly Dwarves”.

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