Tower of London keys swiped


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  1. David Botha says:

    Interesting headline, but when you read the article
    “The stolen keys did not provide access to the Tower itself, Historic Royal Palaces said in a statement, but admitted a lapse in security.”

  2. Christopher says:

    I had an uncle who, while touring the Tower, said to one of the security guards, “Don’t mind me. I’m just here to see the Queen.”

    According to my grandmother the guards trailed him the rest of the tour because they thought he was suspicious. My belief is they trailed him because they thought, “This Yank’s hilarious. I wonder what he’ll say next.”

    It’s not really relevant to the story, but it does involve the Tower of London and security, so I hope you’ll excuse my taking this as an opportunity to share it. 

  3. The guards are just decoration.  It’s the ravens who really protect that tower…

  4. Wanted for questioning:

  5. Dennis Smith says:

    The keys were Kate’s chastity belt (or hand cuffs and kinky get up) keys and the runner was William. 

  6. Vanwall Green says:

    Red George

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