Vampire ketchup-bottle lid

Perpetual Kid sells a $4.50 cartoon vampire ketchup-bottle lid called "Count Ketchup Spread." Affix it and squeeze the bottle, and the ketchup drips out of his fangs. There's also a mustard version: it's an alien head that oozes mustard out of its mouth. Barfstard!

Our hard plastic Count Ketchup Spread Head is a universal cap size that fits most standard upright ketchup bottles and measures 1.75 inches long x 2.5 inches wide x 1 inch deep. To keep your condiments fresh and to prevent contamination, use the original cap for storage.



  1. Barfstard!

    Did you mean: “Bat Fastard!”

    Barfstard, I see you in the morning,
    Barfstard, a’ sleeping next to me.
    Barfstard, let the memory of the evening
    Be the first thing that you think of
    When you open up your smile and see me, Barfstard.

  2. Photo is clearly ‘shooped. Also I rather detest ketchup, but the concept here is cool despite it not really making any sense.

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