Windows 95 tips

I'm calling it already: Windows 95 Tips is Blog of the Year.

Update: the creator is Neil Cicierega!


  1. As someone who had to install Windows 95 from floppy disk numerous times I think all those screens are actually in the operating system.

  2. There are function keys way beyond F12 that you are not ready for.
    Most of them would burn your fucking finger off.

    Oh don’t worry I have a Gateway 2000 AnyKey keyboard with a dual set of function keys, I’m ready for the heat.

  3. My son and I were looking through this blog on my laptop & finally got to the first entry. My son reached out to touch the screen & feel its warmth. I shut the laptop on his hand.

    He says he’ll never stop punching me.

  4. Ah, the memories. I remember changing the ‘w’ to a ‘t’ in the “it is now safe to turn off…” message.

    Freaked my Mum right out.

  5. I notice I’m holding my mouse more loosely after reading about that blood-collecting needle.

    1. It’s no coincidence the red glowing eye on the current generation of mice is safely pointed towards the table.

    1.  Ahh, sweet Mr. Cicierega.  I think I might still be able to rattle off “The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny” in its entirety.

  6. After enjoying the blog, of course I had to look up “Hyakugojyuuichi” and watch it.  I never get tired of that crazy thing.  “Found a hobo in my room….”

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