Asteroid impact simulator


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  1. But, what if it’s made of diamond and traveling at (near) the speed of light?

  2. Paul Renault says:

    Why not just use the closing scenes from Nuclear War, discussed earlier..

  3. Florian Bösch says:

    The Earth is completely disrupted by the impact and its debris forms a new asteroid belt orbiting the sun between Venus and Mars.
    100 percent of the Earth is melted.

    I may have went a wee overboard with the size, also with the velocity, possibly the density doesn’t really matter at that point.

  4. blissend says:

    Anyone else able to create a tsunami? Having more trouble than I thought one should when creating massive craters are so easy.

  5. David Kopelman says:

    Absolutely the best app ever for a Nihilist. I created a tsunami 1950 ft high! 

    “Your position is beneath the continuous ejecta deposit.” Oh, that’s usually a bad thing.

  6. oasisob1 says:

    It doesn’t handle some inputs very well. I obtained results with craters 2300000 km wide, day shifts of 11000 hours (described as not significant)…

  7. Aaron Ximm says:

    What I learned(?): the asteroid Maia aka 2011GV1 in ‘The Last Policeman’ is not necessarily an extinction level or (it seems) a civilization-ending event.

    True, the simulator doesn’t talk about ‘nuclear winter’ style climate effects as such… but still. Oops?

  8. Andreas Beer says:

    “The impact-generated tsunami wave arrives approximately Infinity hours after impact.” could use some finetuning…

  9. ivan says:

    At half the speed of light a ping pong ball (40mm in diameter:2,7 grams) will have the same kinetic energi as the moon. Auch.

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