DIY LED glasses to inspire programming


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  1. TacoChuck says:

    I think I would like basically the exact same product, but just as a simple square or rectangle.

    I feel like the glasses form factor would be fun for about 15 mins, but I fully admit I am a boring person in general.

    But give me a small panel the same approx. dimensions as the glasses, you might need a few more LEDs to fill in the area where the nosed used to go, and I would probably buy one pretty quickly. I could do all sorts of fun things with that, including wear it on my front or back or hat if I wanted to.

    Go sell it/promote it to the Raspberry Pi people, we will buy anything :)

  2. macegr says:

    I’ve also been working on the same idea, which we launched at Maker Faire Bay Area this May. Mark actually played with a prototype at Jeri Ellsworth’s hack dinner that Sunday. We brought them to Maker Faire NYC recently, got some jugglers to show off with their glowing ball prototypes:

    • taylorishere says:

      Do you plan to sell a kit for them?

      • macegr says:

         They are a bit too miniaturized for an actual solder-yourself kit. However, they have an Arduino and small prototyping area for people to solder on their own additions. We meant to have these out by August, but ran into mechanical issues which have been worked out. So, perhaps the beginning of the year…

  3. Mike Meyer says:

    Very cool concept, but not so useful for us nerds who already wear glasses.

  4. Baldhead says:

    Am I the only one wondering how well you actually see with those on?I know the lights aren’t shining in your eyes, but there has to be some glow going on….

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