When Edward Gorey plays the Game of Thrones, everyone wins

DeviantART users Curtana and Kaleadora have both collaborated on an adorably violent mashup of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series (which inspired HBO's Game of Thrones) and Edward Gorey, depicting some of the author's most gruesome events in the style of the darkly funny illustrator. Borrowing from the abecedarian format of Gorey's The Gashlycrumb Tinies, the artists have depicted exactly 26 of the most well-known and, ahem, gory scenes from the series of books. (Let that be a spoiler warning for events that have not yet taken place on Game of Thrones.) See the full set, entitled "A Very Gorey ASOIAFabet," on DeviantART. (via A.V. Club)


  1. Arrrrrggghhhhh!!!! I missed the part where you wrote “spoilers” and immediately saw something I didn’t want to see. 

    At least I saw the “spoilers” warning before I came here to complain about it and therefore didn’t compound my stupidity by yelling at you for spoilers. 

  2. Damnit! I got too excited and clicked the link before I saw the spoiler warning. I only got to ‘C’ before realizing. (That’ll teach me to be more thorough in my reading of descriptions.)

  3. The books came out 21 years ago. Spoiler warnings? Really? And when you saw Titanic, were you surprised when the boat sank? Was your mind completely blown when all the astronauts survived in Apollo 13?

    1. i remember when i learnt about the titanic in school. it was the same year they taught us the endings to all the current george rr martin novels. fantasy novel plot points 101 was my third favorite class. behind history, and creative writing. 

      1.  Well, I’ll take you at your word, but I seriously doubt you learned about either the Titanic or Apollo 13 in school unless you went to a very specialized school. Neither event has anything to do with History as taught by school.

        So would you prefer that I ask if you were really surprised when Harry Potter turned out to be a wizard in the movie?

        The books have been out for 21 years, the shows for 2…You LURRRVE the show but haven’t yet bothered to pick up the books? Sorry, not worried about your “spoilers”

        1. What is the time limit on spoilers? I need to know so I can read all literature in time. One of these books came out just last year. Time does not determine spolier alerts.
          If you think these posts would even be on this site (or that the art would have been created) if not for HBO then you are living in a fantasy world as removed from reality as Westeros. “I was a fan before it was cool” is the highest form of douchery. Congratulations, you win at reading books.

          1.  So I’m a douche for preferring the books over a tv series on a pay cable station? Really? Ok, I’ll take that hit. You do know that not everyone has HBO and/or a Netflix sub, right?

          2. Spoiler alerts exist because interested fans have different levels of immersion in the same pieces of art. You’re a douche not because youre well read, but because you expect all visitors to the popular blog you read to submit to your personal expertise in an art form.

    2. Er.. Titanic and Apollo 13 were real life incidents. Taught in school. I’ve never even heard of these books until the series came on TV, and to keep the suspension while watching, I’ve chosen to not read the books. So yeah. Spoiler warning appreciated.

      1.  I’d LOVE to see that history text book…I learned about both on my own because I was interested in both. Hint, I’ll bet you saw stuff on both on the History or Learning Channel and not in your history book.

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