You can listen to the entire soundtrack for The Hobbit right now

If you want to hear the whole soundtrack for Peter Jackson's upcoming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (composed by Howard Shore), but don't want to wait until December 10 to buy it, Empire is streaming the entire thing right now. The movie comes out December 13, but this is your early chance to hear the whole score apart from the movie. (via The Huffington Post)


  1. Man, so far it’s predictably wonderful.  I think Shore had his work cut out for him in one instance: Maury Laws’ melody for “Over the Misty Mountains Cold” from the Rankin-Bass cartoon is a tough act to follow, and Shore almost seems to tip his hat in that direction.

    But now I’m all hot and in the mood for some beardy dwarf-on-troll action.  “Extinguish meeeee!”

    1. Some people really like soundtracks.  If there were no market for soundtrack albums, nobody would release them.  When I was in 8th grade, I bought the Return of the Jedi soundtrack, and would always feel a frisson at the climax of Williams’ “Luke and Leia” theme.  (Don’t judge me too harshly; I was an 8th grader from a trailer park.)  I used to get lots of productive writing done while listening to Snuffy Walden’s soundtrack for the miniseries of The Stand, and more recently I’m having a harder time enjoying playing the Halo 4 campaign without Marty O’Donnell’s music.  His soundtrack for Halo 2 is probably my favorite videogame soundtrack ever, and is much more cinematic than it needed to be.

      Shore’s soundtracks for LOTR were iconic and stirring, sez I, and hearing his Hobbit score just provokes further excitement in me to see the new movie already.  Can’t wait!

      To more directly answer your question, Jackson’s visuals, the production design, the casting, and above all the story are why I’m going to that movie.  But the music will be one of the main reasons why I go more than once.

  2. Shore is a man of many talents.  Remember him on SNL with his All-Nurse Band?  Just count the blues stars!

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