How to follow the Petraeus CyberClusterFuck: a flowchart


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  1. amarx says:

    Donald Trump has already offered Petraeus a job:

  2. atomic_tarheel says:

    Compared to similar charts I’ve seen, the only things missing from this one are a tennis academy and a recovering Demerol addict.

  3. Guest says:

    I have a colleague that heard me complain about all of this craziness that is dissipating in the media about this subject.  He pointed out a useful if not fallacious bifurcation that said as such: Would I I rather deal with this Petraeus circus or would I rather deal with rumors of mortar rounds?

  4. theophrastvs says:

    Ignore the greek chorus here, Xeni – this is the stuff of a proper morality tale in exactly the way that false and unnecessary wars apparently cannot be.  Miles Gloriosus brought low by his own vanity, testosterone, and fuel-injected PR group; syncophants, obsessive policemen, and coat-tail riders galore.  this is the stuff of future films, rapidly writ books, and HBO teledramas and here are the essential details.   thankee for your reporting efforts.

  5. aurora50 says:

    What made me sit up and take notice, was the first mention at TPM of Grayson Wolfe, estranged and I gather ex-husband of Natalie Khawam, twin sister of Jill Kelley.  Check out his links, per the above.
    Plus some of the comments, reported at the NYT, of how the judge described her veracity (lack thereof) during the custody hearings, for which both Generals wrote letter supporting her case.
    I am not sure what the current term-of-art is, but this all is beginning to feel ‘meta’ to me.

  6. Antinous / Moderator says:


  7. Mike Quick says:

    Why would anyone follow this? Sleazy politician/govt goon does sleazy thing.

    Nothing new here.

    • acerplatanoides says:

      Because this isn’t that. Why would anyone “drive by disdain” except to distract from what they know is a real story?

      You’re the one who decided it was worth commenting on.

  8. MurasakiMadness says:

    I think we’re going to need to get Randall Munroe in on this…

  9. McGauth925 says:

    What I like about the net: I get to say I don’t give a flying f–k  who anybody sleeps with or cheats on.  *Somebody* will see this.  Hey, it’s more satisfying than simply thinking it.

  10. Lobster says:

    Can you really blame him?  The man was playing with fire.  Just look at that flow chart.  All those lovely octogons up there…  Everyone knows that the octogon is the sexiest shape.  Is he not a man!?  With needs!?

  11. rocketpjs says:

     Not to get all BB Meta, but this certainly seems to qualify as an ‘omnishambles’.

  12. Sparg says:

    (Hee)³  Definitely a Charlie Foxtrot of fine proportions.

  13. AWESOME.  Cross-posted to the Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog where we have a running set of posts all listed and linked at the original Benghazi Gate plus Bimbo Gate short URL

  14. PhasmaFelis says:

    Disappointed. I was hoping this diagram could clear up a specific fact about PetraeusGate for me, but it doesn’t seem to explain why anybody gives a shit.

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