Knit muffler


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  1. johnphantom says:

    $50 bucks for that? Does that even cover the cost of the yarn?

  2. xzzy says:

    Only downside to that kind of design is the prodigious quantities of moisture you blow out your nose, which in genuinely cold weather will try to freeze, generating a disgusting slush of soggy mess smushed into your face.

    God help you if you actually do have a runny nose and add real snot to the mixture.

    Up until that point though, it is extremely warm. :)

  3. Tavie says:

    Was really really hoping for a knitted sculpture of a automobile part. Visual pun disappointment – slash – idea for my next knitting project, I guess.

  4. You might also like the knitwear designer Isobel and Cleo   They’re pretty pricey, but there are some stunning pieces.

  5. danger_jay says:

    Just saw these ones too – with buttons!

  6. John Young says:

    Coincidence! My wife just made me something similar out of $0.79 of recycled fleece. I love it because it doesn’t come unraveled like a scarf, and you can stick your nose in for additional warmth, or out.  

    We’ve been calling it a “yarf” for no very good reason. AND I LOVE IT

  7. Eark_the_Bunny says:

    Hmmm, a muffler.  Now knit catalytic converter too. 

  8. Nancy Allen says:

    Not to nitpick (or should I say “knit-pick”?) – but this muffler is crocheted.

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