Knit muffler

Etsy seller LoveandKnit (AKA Mine Kurtulmus) makes lovely alpaca wool accessories to order, including this great muffler, which looks like something that you'd see on in an anime adaptation of Fat Albert. In a good way.

(via Crazy Abalone)


  1. Only downside to that kind of design is the prodigious quantities of moisture you blow out your nose, which in genuinely cold weather will try to freeze, generating a disgusting slush of soggy mess smushed into your face.

    God help you if you actually do have a runny nose and add real snot to the mixture.

    Up until that point though, it is extremely warm. :)

  2. Was really really hoping for a knitted sculpture of a automobile part. Visual pun disappointment – slash – idea for my next knitting project, I guess.

  3. Coincidence! My wife just made me something similar out of $0.79 of recycled fleece. I love it because it doesn’t come unraveled like a scarf, and you can stick your nose in for additional warmth, or out.  

    We’ve been calling it a “yarf” for no very good reason. AND I LOVE IT

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